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Quick Pit Fuel Gun

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  • Brand: VP-Pro
  • Product Code: Fuel Gun
  • Availability: 3

Quick Pit" Fuel Gun. R/C Quick Pit Fuel Gun is one of the fastest fuel guns available! The Quick Pit can refill an 1/8 buggy fuel tank in less than 1 second!

The Quick Pit Fuel Gun features a graduated 150cc fuel reservoir, with easy to read volume marks that allow you to quickly determine how much fuel was dispensed during the pit stop. The extended tip allows you to reach your fuel tank even in the tightest spaces, and extra large fill ports provide maximum fuel flow, without air pockets ensuring your tank gets a complete fill every time. Additionally, multiple vent ports provide maximum airflow for high-speed, ultra fast pit stops.

The Quick Pit is more than just fast. Its rugged construction can handle the abuse of all 1/8 scale racing classes and when properly maintained, will provide you with years of reliable service. Its ergonomic design makes the Quick Pit one of the most comfortable and easy to use fuel guns available anywhere. Most importantly, the Quick Pit features an Auto Cut-Off design that helps to minimize overflow and unwanted spillage that could potentially cause a problem. This makes the Quick Pit more efficient than other fuel guns, by minimizing wasted fuel and helping to prevent your chassis components from getting doused with fuel, keeping your ride cleaner, saving you time in between races.


  • Extended tip gets fuel into the tank quickly, even in hard to reach applications
  • Extra large fill ports provide maximum fuel flow without air pockets
  • Multiple vent ports provide ultra fast pit stops
  • Rugged design for reliable service
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable and easy to use
  • Auto Cut-off minimizes overflows and spills
  • Graduated 150cc reservoir with easy to read volume markin

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