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MGT7 Eco

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  • Brand: Mugen Seiki
  • Product Code: MGT7 Eco
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MGT7 Eco
The MGT7E front and rear shock towers were designed to optimize the handling and tuning of the 16mm shocks and to provide traction and smooth handling on asphalt. The durable front and rear gear differentials will handle any high-powered nitro engines and keep the MGT7E under full control. The drive train is very efficient with CVA’s drive shafts through out the kit. The combination of the high quality differentials and super efficient drive train allows the MGT7E to carry high speeds on the straights and through the corners.

Specially designed front and rear body mounts with full adjustability to allow the fit of most bodies. The large front plastic bumper with foam protector will help keep the front of the body front tucking during hard impact. Tough side guards keep both your pipe and radio gear protected from high speed on road racing.

The MGT7E is equipped with a specially designed battery tray that will accept two 2S LiPo batteries in a staggered mounting position for optimum weight distribution or a single 4S Lipo battery configuration. The newly designed motor mount allows you can run higher KV electric motors without worrying about flex and gear mess problems. The heavy-duty sliding motor mount is anchored down with 4mm screws for extra strength. Mugen also offers optional pinion and spur gears for so you can fine-tune your MGT7E for maximum performance in any track condition.

Mugen has combined the best components from both our off-road and on-road lines to create the MGT7E.  The MGT7E is the ultimate electric powered grand touring car….the MGT7E!!!


Chassis: A7075 hard-anodized aluminum, 0.12" (3mm) thick
Drive: Four wheel with universal drive shafts
Transmission: One-speed
Shocks: 16mm oil-filled, hard anodized bodies, specially designed springs, 3.5mm shocks shafts
Differentials: Oil-filled straight cut 12T bevel gears, 42T conical gears
Motor Mounts: Heavy duty sliding type, newly designed to eliminate flex and gear  mesh issues
Shock Towers: A7075 aluminum, front, 0.20" (4mm) thick, rear 0.16" (4mm) thick
Steering: Fully adjustable with new geometry and servo saver
Ackerman: New steering Ackerman plate offers additional steering tie rod holes
Body: Clear, Cab forward design with high-down force wing
Wing Mount: New design allows wing to be moved closer to shock tower for better traction and jumping
Battery Tray: Accepts two 2S LiPo batteries in a staggered mounting position, or a single 4S LiPo
Motor Mounts: Heavy duty sliding type, newly designed to eliminate flex and gear mesh issues
Front Suspension: Shortened upper arm for more camber adjustability
Front Bumper: Plastic with foam protector
Body Mounts: Adjustable to allow fitting of most 1/8 scale on-road bodies


Length: 494mm
Width: 305mm
Wheelbase: 325
Weight: 3.6kg


Radio, receiver and high-torque Metal gear steering servo
Motor, ESC, Battery
Battery Charger: To match selected battery
LiPo charging bag
Tires: 1/8 scale on road tires with foam inserts
Wheels: 1/8 scale buggy
On Road Body
Paint for body, Thread Lock, Pro Hex tools etc.

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