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Alpha Z852

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  • Product Code: 21-BT5PA(Z852)
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Alpha Z852
Smooth bottom with a never ending top end is what describes the Alpha Plus Z852. One of the first engines Alpha ever came out with has always been highly regarded for it's top end pull. Now in this combo coupled with the EFRA 2090 adjustable pipeset you can adjust the pipe tips just like you do carb venturi's to further adjust the performance of your engine package.

Displacement: 3.45cc
Bore: 16.26mm
Stroke: 16.8mm
Practical RPM: 3,000 - 40,000rpm
Power Output: 2.48PS/39,800rpm
Weight Approx: 350g
Ports: 5+2 Ports
Sleeve: ABC
Crankshaft Diam: 14mm
Glow Plug Type: Turbo
Exhaust: Rear
Carburetor Diam: 8mm (Variable)
Case Material: Aluminum

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