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Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition

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  • Brand: Alpha
  • Product Code: 21- Ryan Lutz WS Edition
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Alpha Ryan Lutz World Edition 

The Alpha "Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition" 5+2 Port Competition .21 Engine. After nearly a year of refinement, the Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine has arrived! After the success of the standard “Lutz Edition Engine”, Alpha Plus and Ryan Lutz have tuned and tweaked the 5 port design, taking it to the next level. The goals were to increase durability, drivability, and as always fuel mileage.

The first change is the Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft (DEC). The patented DEC design features a stronger crankpin that is much more resistant to wear. But the biggest innovation is the unique way Alpha Plus installed a brass weight into the silicone filling in the crankshaft. This helps to improve the balance of the crankshaft and produces a smoother running engine with increased fuel mileage and smoother drivability.

The next change is the Conrod. Machined from a more durable material, this rod is much more resistant to wear and tear. Finally, the crankcase features increased material, to improve strength, among other minor revisions to improve durability. The Alpha Plus “Ryan Lutz Worlds Edition Engine” takes nitro engine technology to the next level.

High performance 3.5cc engine for 1/8 buggy and truck
High torque 5+2 port ABC piston and sleeve
Re-designed Turbo combustion chamber
2-Needle carburetor
Three replaceable carburetor venturi's (6.5mm, 7mm and 8mm)
High quality high speed bearings
Drilled and ramped Lutz Edition SG crankshaft
Low CG Lutz Edition cooling head and crank case

Displacement: 3.45cc
Bore: 16.26mm
Stroke: 16.8mm
Practical RPM: 4,000 - 40,000rpm
Power Output: 2.900PS/39,900rpm
Weight Approx: 352g
Ports: 5+2 Ports
Sleeve: ABC
Crankshaft Diameter: 14mm DEC
Glow Plug Type: Turbo
Exhaust: Rear
Carburetor: 8mm (Variable)
Case Material: Aluminum

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