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  • Brand: Hong Nor
  • Product Code: X3Sabre-RTR
  • Availability: 100

Hong Nor X3 Sabre RTR
The NEW Hong Nor X3 RTR!

The Hong Nor X3 RTR moves the RTR game on with tremendous spec straight out of the box, No.1 choice for college racers and National championship amateur races.

X3 Sabre has won 2013 Pro National Champion & 2014 Amateur National Champion.

Won numerous races, IIT, Anna University, Velammal, SRM, PSG, Kumaraguru, NIT Warangal, Bits Pilani and many more. Making it No.1 in India, Most powerful and the fastest RTR in India.

Chassis: Hard coated aluminium, gun metal grey in colour, nylon rear skid plate, plastic side rails
Drive: Four wheel shaft with front steel CVAs
Differentials: Front center and rear, bevel gear type, forged steel gears
Engine: .28 cu in (4.5cc) with slide valve carb, two-stage air filter, pull starter, 2.7HP @ 38,000RPM
Tuned Pipe: Polished aluminum
Clutch Bell: 13T steel
Radio: Hong Nor HNT-3 FHSS, with dual rate steering, Fail safe program and Waterproof Receiver
Servo: High Torque Metal Gear Servo
Battery Tray: Composite one-piece
Suspension: 16mm Big bore with metal body, front & rear
Brake: Fiber Disc
Shocks: Oil-filled 16mm V2, hard coated aluminum body, with soft rated pro springs
Shock Towers: 7075 T-6 Aluminum, 0.16" (4mm) thick
Tires: Square pattern with foam inserts, outer diameter 4.48" (114mm) width, 1.6" (42mm)
Wheels: Dish type yellow in color, diameter 3.3" (83mm), width 1.6"(42mm), 17mm hexes
Body: Molded polycarbonate, trimmed and painted
Rear Wing: Hi Down force for better rear traction
Fuel Tank: 125cc with fuel filter
Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front suspension
Camber: Adjustable, camber refers to the angle of the tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind vehicle

Length: 515mm
Front Width: 307mm
Rear Width: 303mm
Height: 188mm
Weight: 3.3kg

Carburetor Settings:
Always start your engine and wait to for the engine to warm up before you start tuning.
Needle Valve: 3 - 3-1/2 turns from closed, adjust for maximum RPM and power without being too lean or too hot.
Low Speed Needle: Set needle to flush, turn clockwise to lean, or counterclockwise to richen.
Barrel Stop Screw: Adjusts idle. Set for 1/16: gap to start new engine, open more for faster idle.

AA Batteries: Eight for transmitter
Receiver Battery: 5-cell Flat
20 or 25% Nitro Fuel
Glow Igniter
After Run Oil and Air Filter oil

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